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Founded in 1993,Toureasychina, has been supply all kinds of tour products and ground services for more than twenty years. In 2000, it was choosed to be the supplier of Intrepid and strethened a long-time work relationship till now. In 2009, it was invitate to be the supplier of G Adventures, Sucessfully operation and support G Advetures China Tour works better every day. Besides, it also owns more than 1000 fixed foreign customers in China for more than 10 years and enjoys great reputation among them. Toureasy China aims at providing our clients real life experiences of China. We offer different styles of trips with precise and reliable information. Based on beautiful sceneries, various local cultures, great opportunities of local interaction and responsible backup support, our trips are all lead with services of passion and professionalism. With the information of every single city from different aspects, we help you to understand a city in a detailed way. Different styles of trips of different level from luxury to economy and even the tailor made, gives you plenty of options to make up your own travel experience.

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