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Randon TRAVEL is a tour operator that offers a variety of sightseeing, adventure and hiking tours in all Central Europe and day tours in selected European cities, which enable either individuals or groups to experience the best Europe. Through guided tours one can discover the most beautiful places, explore the history of life in this part of the world, enjoy the adventures and relax in nature. We offer a huge range of activities including cycling, hiking, sightseeing, golf, wellness and many other activities. We appeal to travellers of all ages who enjoy meeting new people as well as seeing new places. The company’s founder has travelled the world extensively and even lived abroad for more than 7years in the past including England, Australia and the US. Through his travels, he has been associated with tourism and worked in many different positions including hotel managers, but also as a voluntary lifeguard in Australia and also for Disney Cruise Line. The company also offers a variety of tours for Europeans including bus tours to Russia, France, Italy, Germany and also sightseeing and adventure tours to Australia and the new destination Cuba/from 2015/

Randon TRAVEL oferuje wycieczki i aktywności w następujących atrakcjach:

Gran Teatro de La Habana, Muzeum Rewolucji, Opera Wiedeńska, Katedra św. Szczepana w Wiedniu, Pałac Hofburg, Albertina, Dunaj, Ratusz w Wiedniu, Krypta Kapucyńska, Kościół Wotywny, Akademia Sztuk Pięknych, Ogrody pałacu Schönbrunn, Graben, Budynek parlamentu Austrii, Kohlmarkt, Ring wiedeński, Kolumna morowa (Pestsäule), Getreidegasse, Dolina Wachau, Tatry

Randon TRAVEL oferuje wycieczki i aktywności w następujących miastach:

Hawana, Żylina, Bratysława, Wiedeń, Salzburg, Melk, Hallstatt, Kraków

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