Matka Boża z Guadalupe

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Matka Boża z Guadalupe: Wycieczki i bilety

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4.6 / 5

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I totally loved the trip. Sergio was a great tour guide, very knowledgeable and was answering all our questions (his English was good as well!). Although we couldn’t see the basilica (bank holiday in MX City), the tour was great! I’d recommend it to anyone

We had trip with quide Rafael and driver Ramon. The trip was very well organised and safety. Rafael uses english language fluent and his knowledge about visited places is also satisfied. We totaly recommend them.

Wycieczka udana, ale element Tlatelolco w CD MX potraktowany minimalistyczne. O wiele więcej czasu poświęcone na wytwórnię tequili oraz obiad.

Very nice trip. Guide was knowledgable about the places as well as made sure we are having fun.