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4.6 / 5

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Great and balanced way to see most important views across the Highlands. Not much time to explore aside from Fort Augustus, but the schedule is pretty well managed. Lots of stops to breathe the crisp highland air and sufficient photo opportunities. Good base to decide future, most detailed routes. Alan was a great guide, always ready to supply information and stories, lots of history and tales of everyday in Scotland for everyone. We were fortunate enough to see most of the nature (no fog), but also experience snow and spot some red deer bunches in the second part of our journey. Great way to spend a day in Scotland. I would certainly use the company for a longer trip given the chance.

We were in a small group where, thanks to Jenny our guide, we felt comfortable as one team. What was extraordinary? Visiting the next halls, places, doorsteps of castles and locations where Outlander was filmed. You could feel for a moment the atmosphere that had to accompany the film crew during the shooting of the next takes. The individual places were also interesting because of their story outside the show. During this trip I was touched, but also cried with laughter. I recommend it to everyone whether it is a fan of the series or not. :)

I'd say Loch Ness was the most disappointing part. This doesn't mean it wasn't fanstastic, it means that Highlands on our way to the lake were absolutely breathtaking. All that + stories of our brilliant guide Brian (great guy!) made this trip just remarkable. 10/10, would definitely do that again with just one exception: don't take the loch ness cruise - in my opinion it's overrated, totally not worth it.

Doskonale zaplanowany program wycieczki oraz fantastyczny przewodnik. Ogromnym udogodnieniem był fakt, iż przewodnik pisał na tabliczce godzinę końca przerw. Osoby z barierą językową nie były narażone na niepotrzebny stres. Bardzo dziękuję za wycieczkę, dziękuję fantastycznemu przewodnikowi i polecam wszystkim Rabbie's Tours!

Wycieczka bardzo ciekawa. Kierowca/lektor świetny. Punktualnie wesoło i ciekawie polecam. Proponuję tylko wykupić wcześniej wejsciówki nie wszędzie jest internet. Albo vfi się wiesza.