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Abbas took us from hotel and then we stop at meeting point where he give us cold water and their is place for atv if anyone interested they can do after that we go for dune drive which was my favourite part he driving like a master in desert Abbas took for us some very good and memorable pictures after that he brought us to the camp we did camel ridding and then in camp entertainment show and dinner the dinner was aslo very delicious overall I give Abbas and dream journey 10/10

We booked tour for 7 hours wich is include with comp activities are guide was arif he was very friendly and caring he was let us all details about tour he took lots photos everything was perfect

Arif was very friendly and helpful he made are tour good exchange lots of information about UAE caml ride food comp activities was very good thanks to arif made us day

Sajid is the best very nice person and he takecare of us all the time during the trip

Najeeb is the leader of the convey he drive the Jeep like roller coaster