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4.6 / 5

na podstawie 43 394 opinii

Very nice trip full of many attractions. The agency assure even the Abaka for women to coil enter to mousqe without any problem.We were lucky to get Paolo from Ocean Air as our tour guide- very sympathetic and good prepared person. Only one minus the transfer : when I bought the trip I quickly confirmed our location (also via WhatsApp) and only night before I received information that the pick up from our hotel is impossible ( trips bought via get you guide you can cancel 24 h before they start) so we need to spent other money and time to reach the stop preferred by the agency.

Amazing adventure, camel riding, sandborading, amazing riding skills of Ahmed, my and my girlfriend recimmend this tour to everyone that want a fun time.

Azhar was very helpful and an amazing driver. Better than Max Verstappen, he did perfect in the desert.

Fantastyczna wycieczka, cudownie spędzony czas, super organizacja.

The safari was awesome, every part of it was really entertaining