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Imagine you get to know a city through the eyes of a friend who lives there. A friend who knows what you love – who knows where to go and what to do so you get to experience what you really want. This way you see the city that’s unlike the picture postcard patter of the tourist guide. It’s not the usual, not the expected, not the scripted trip. It’s unusual, unexpected, Unscripted. Unique and unforgettably made to match your feelings. Unscripted but not unplanned. Just use our online TripPlanner to create your own personalised visit, exploring your wishes through our locally curated database. Feed it your own information; the more you feed it the better the recommendations. We only recommend places we know and love – and that we know you’ll love too. You become a discoverer not a tourist. Guided by a local friend not the global guidebook. Together we home in on your wishes so you get to do the things you really want to do and go to the places you really want to go. With a friend in the city, the city becomes your friend. Immersion. Get closer to the city through a local insider in the know, someone who lives the reality of people and places that make neighbourhoods. Go with the flow - the ebb and flow of a city at its living, vibrant best. Personalisation. We start with you, and that’s the way it goes on. We get to know what you want, what you really feel about a whole range of possibilities, and we fit our living knowledge of the city to your individual needs. Adaptation. Why take something standard when you can make it fitted to your wishes? We help you plan anything from the details of a two-week trip to finding the perfect coffee shop just around the next corner. You can trust us to make things -simple and easy to use -as safe as you would wish -an experience you’ll love to remember. This is the way to see the real London not the tourist city – by bringing together our understanding of your wishes with the inside knowledge of a local friend.

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Covent Garden, Brick Lane, Brixton, Pałac Buckingham, Tower Of London, Big Ben, Opactwo westminsterskie, Piccadilly Circus, Pałac westminsterski, Tower of London, Bazar Camden Market, Tamiza, London Eye, Tower Bridge, Katedra św. Pawła w Londynie, Globe Theatre, Tate Modern, Borough Market, Most Milenijny, National Portrait Gallery, National Gallery w Londynie, Trafalgar Square, Tate Britain, SoHo Londyn, South Bank, Fleet Street, Park Kensington Gardens, Old Kensington, Watykan, Koloseum, Schody Hiszpańskie, Montmartre, Pola Elizejskie, Wieża Eiffla, Times Square, Greenwich Village, Park Retiro, Pałac Królewski w Madrycie, Zamek w Edynburgu, Arthur's Seat, Harajuku, Pier 39, Union Square, Sagrada Família, La Barceloneta, Jordaan

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Seul, Amsterdam, Edynburg, Bolonia, Londyn, Tokio, Nowy Jork, Berlin, Barcelona, Manchester, Rzym, Madryt, Paryż, San Francisco, Bangkok, Hongkong, Szanghaj, Los Angeles, Mediolan, Budapeszt, Meksyk, Sydney, Seattle, Dubaj, Singapur, Kuala Lumpur, Las Vegas, Tajpej, Liverpool, Brighton, Sztokholm, Bruksela, Lizbona

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