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Adventurous Evening Desert Safari with BBQ Dinner which leaves unforgettable experience of a lifetime, amazing memories to share with your friends and loved ones. With well trained drivers who will pick you with the 4x4 vehicle and take you in the middle of high dunes where you can enjoy the real thrill and fun of 30 to 45 minutes roller coaster ride on the desert sands before taking a break for sand boarding and sunset. Don't miss the chance to click amazing selfies at the sun settings. Offers varieties of unique and exciting tours to choose from with programs and tour packages which are totally flexible and can suits to everyone's needs.

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Centrum handlowe Dubai Mall, Archipelag The World Dubai, Skansen Heritage Village, Port Jebel Ali, Meczet Jumeirah, Muzeum Dubajskie, Dubai World Trade Centre, Fort Al-Fahidi, Jumeirah Beach, Dzielnica Bastakiya, Sheikh Zayed Road, Burdż Chalifa, Zatoka Dubajska, Burdż al-Arab

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